Integration of design and Renovation services

Integration of design and decoration, perfect realization of ideas

KW Nelson professional interior design and decoration company

KW Nelson It is a one-stop interior design and decoration engineering company established in 1989. It is also one of the few listed interior design and decoration engineering companies in Hong Kong. It carefully provides customers with one-stop services from creation to establishment, and perfection to create extraordinary and lasting ideal business. environment. KW Nelson carefully understands the needs of customers and provides comprehensive and exclusive customer solutions. With rich experience in interior design and decoration engineering industry, make good use of every space, stick to the ground and practical, real materials, show different beauty and uniqueness, and use exquisite civil engineering craftsmanship to create creativity, function and business. The best interior design and decoration project side case where strategies coexist.

Why do you need interior design and decoration company?

Calculate the environment and feasible detailed plan from a professional point of view, a complete team from design to construction, to ensure the quality results of the decoration process to the completion of the project, from the beginning to the end to unify the whole team design, organization, construction, follow-up, supervision, and solve the decoration The trivial and annoying matters, balance various categories and configurations in the real environment, such as space design planning, daylighting, interior decoration materials, furniture, accessories, etc.

KW Nelson has been rooted in the industry for many years, our customers are from different business and In the background, according to the uniqueness of Hong Kong and the business characteristics of various industries, we will analyze from the current trend to practicality one by one. By understanding your thoughts and needs, you can fully realize your ideal interior design environment, and deal with all the tedious interior design affairs in order to reduce the time of running around and worrying about the mind.

choosing KW Nelson : one-stop interior design service and decoration engineering service

Each interior design project is unique and consists of each group of complicated processes and professional masters. Most of the interior design companies in the market will contact the outsourced engineering team to cooperate to realize the design engineering project, which adds additional factors and uncertainties. The advantage of KW Nelson is that it shoulders the role of interior design leader, plus the role of decoration project implementer. It has talented interior designers andexperienced

Interior design leaders

We fully understand the needs of customers and ideal design, and provide ideal interior design solutions. Whether it is Nordic simplicity, LOFT industry, modern retro or even mix and match design elements, we have abundant experience. In Hong Kong, KW Nelson uses appropriate decoration engineering materials to build the creativity of space.

The implementation of the decoration project

Our decoration team has obtained clear information and landing instructions, and has become the most solid partner of the guests. It can ensure the accuracy of the decoration details according to the actual situation, such as the location of the power supply, the internal structure of the pillars and beams, and perfectly show the interior plan in the blueprint. . Closely monitor and coordinate the progress with the interior designer, and display superb craftsmanship within the exact process schedule to avoid unnecessary delays in interior decoration projects.

KW Nelson InteriorDesign & extensive industry experience and has undertaken many renovation and design projects over the years, including retail, banking, health care, energy, catering, telecommunications, legal services, education, insurance, property management and logistics management, etc. Hong Kong multinational company. From interior design blueprints to custom-made furniture, one-stop service to create the most ideal and thoughtful environment for each customer.

KW Nelson Services provided by

  • Pre-leasing consulting service

As a commercial design partner for each client, we provide professional environmental advice on site selection and assist customers in considering the most suitable environmental location.

  • Interior design

understands the requirements and business characteristics of each client, concentrates on designing to meet the needs, making good use of space and practicing unique interior ideas.

  • Space planning

is coordinated with the actual space environment, and plans the allocation of space uses according to various factors, such as power supply, lamp positions, beams, or ceilings, to avoid construction delays.

  • Project management

follows up the progress of interior projects, provides the most real-time project situation for each guest, and ensures the progress of each interior design project.

  • of architecture and interior decoration engineering

follows the interior design blueprint and implements the project. Reduce the risk of construction delays and unify the design style.

  • Lifetime maintenance of customized parts (excluding damage caused by wear and tear)

Provide lifelong guarantees for specially-made furniture and decoration, and share the worries of each customer’s indoor environment design.

  • sales service

For each customer’s suggestion, we listen carefully and provide proper solutions. If you have any comments after the completion of the project, we will provide after-sales service from the perspective of customers.

Interior Design and Renovation EngineeringConsultingServices

Through the services of KW Nelson Interior Design Company, planning is easier than you think.

1. Tell us

to set your budget and tell us your ideal interior design style and needs.

2. Online coordination

is convenient for each of you. The entire process can be coordinated online to provide you with the latest on-the-spot situation and answer your questions as soon as possible.

3. One-stop service

From interior design blueprints, furniture ordering and decoration projects, to serve you comprehensively. To help you focus on more important business development, you can rest assured to hand over the project to us.

KW Nelson’s ideal interior design and renovation project partner

KW Nelson Interior Design Company pays attention to all communication with you during the entire interior renovation project. Our professional interior design team, together with a senior and high-quality construction team, provides professional analysis and interior design recommendations, as well as high-quality carpentry and water and electricity decoration engineering services.

  • Make a complete list of decoration project materials (design quotation content and project classification are clear)
  • three-dimensional imitation real scene simulation map
  • Decoration company professional material procurement, application and analysis

KW Nelson provides interior design and renovation engineering services to meet all needs, a smooth interior design and renovation engineering experience. Meanwhile, a selection of materials, homewares has been carefully selected, in collaboration with popular brands, international retailers and local artisans. From water pipes, electrical wires, formaldehyde-free materials, mud-water furniture, wallpaper paint, floors, etc., our designers are within budget to ensure that the interior design is tailored to your style at an affordable price. Our decoration engineering team will also ensure the quality of your decoration, improve efficiency and save money.

Customer Guarantee

If you’re not satisfied with our designs, neither will KW Nelson. We ensure that every client experiences a pleasant interior design service, giving you a pleasant guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you need an interior design company?

Professional interior design companies can build the most suitable and ideal environment, with rich industry experience, combined with aesthetics, and professional knowledge in the industry. In charge of the entire interior design project, saving time for customers who are not familiar with interior decoration projects. Providing professional advice is the main reason for our KW Nelson Interiors.

Why Need a Renovation company?

Professional decoration companies can solve on-site indoor environment decoration projects with rich construction experience, including water pipe and wire construction, wallpaper, paint and floor laying, etc., showing familiarity with decoration construction and leading the results of decoration projects. At the same time, the quality of a professional decoration company is also an important consideration for the fast and slow progress of the project, so as to solve unnecessary troubles.

interior design + decorationengineeringThe benefits of one-stop service of

Most of the interior design companies and decoration engineering companies in the market are independent and separate, and then work together. The communication and liaison between interior designers and decoration engineering companies is very important. Many decoration engineering problems, such as dragging, price increase, design and construction discrepancies, will commonly occur. Therefore, the biggest difference of KW Nelson is the professional interior design style. It is suggested that one-stop decoration engineering service, from interior design blueprint, supervision of construction process to furniture decoration, comprehensively handle decoration design matters, keep close to the progress of the project, improve efficiency and save expenses.

How long does the whole process take to prepare?

Each interior design is a unique project. The preparation and even the decoration construction include tedious processes: data collection, conception and design, project team arrangement, etc. Simple projects can be completed in about 2/3 months.

How much for the whole interior design and decoration project?

There is no flat rate for interior design fees. The cost is listed in the quotation according to the qualifications of the interior designer, the materials used for the decoration project, and the details of the manual work. Any requirements can be communicated with the interior design company to meet customer needs, reduce misunderstandings and provide accurate quotations.